A since-debunked rumor claims that in the original airing, there was a scene showing Squidward's snail transformation. [68], In the rough storyboard, Karen the Computer Fairy starts telling the story outside the Chum Bucket. Mr. Krabs saying, "The pirates gonna destroy our world!". In the storyboard of the part where Santa shows up at Patrick's rock, only his head is shown. On The First 100 Episodes, the opening scene where Patchy the Pirate says, "Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!" Sometimes, a scene is deleted after voice recording is already completed. Bring it around town”) is essential to the art of bubble blowing, but Squidward doesn’t believe him, resulting in a series of pathetic failures and a fit of pent-up rage—potentially the most laugh-out-loud moment of the show’s history. After getting a lump on his head, SpongeBob says, "I better not hit my head again. [27] After SpongeBob says that he doesn't think "wumbo" is a real word, Patrick would originally threaten "Are you saying I don't have any of the ENGLISH?"[28]. Squidward's head is not peeking through the door when it opens. "The Goofy Newbie" | SpongeBob This scene was cut from the final episode. [65][66], The rough storyboards reveal several scenes being changed or deleted. The scene where SpongeBob stands on the street shouting Gary's name in despair is replaced with him shouting Gary's name through his pineapple, which appears with SpongeBob's mouth. Please help Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by adding sources.Please remove this message when finished. A Live News Broadcast was filming a Sasquatch and when they film a naked Sandy hiding, the reporter confuses her with the Sasquatch. She does not appear in the final cut. This can be seen on the animatic version featured on the Bikini Bottom Adventures DVD. [33] There was originally a second "bum bum bum" in the Campfire Song Song, which would cause Squidward's brain to fly out.[34]. Mr. Krabs shakes the ladder while trying to get SpongeBob down. Sure, images of hall monitor Spongebob, greek god Squidward, blurry Mr. Krabs and various background fish are funny enough without their context, but it’s pretty clear that Spongebob has unanimously become the most beloved cartoon of its era. In the finished version, his dinner is. Originally, Sandy was going to appear fully naked in the episode, but the design was revised to be less grotesque, giving her underwear in the process. In the storyboard, the Chum Bucket's frozen dining area is shown before the lab. Mr. Krabs is getting all sweaty again!" Between Patrick’s scream of “Leedle, leedle, leedle, lee!,” Spongebob’s assurance of “Keep going. It was added back to reruns in October 2019 on Nicktoons. Once Sandy is done doing that, the The End page lands on her treedome. The Flying Dutchman proceeds to take the steamed coral ("Alright, alright, gimme that thing!") Ultimately, he would instead laugh, then say to himself, "I never thought I'd say it - but thank Neptune for hibernation! Season 12, Episode 23. and Mr. Krabs replies "I don't know.". In the final version, they just turn on when he is done. In the storyboard, Patrick eats the ice cream cone with his mouth. However, it is left intact on The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom DVD. In the final version, he is sitting on the top part of a seat. This was most likely removed because flies don't exist underwater. The storyboards have another deleted scene where Patchy the Pirate goes inside of Don's Import Store & Delicatessen, but gets kicked out due to the store having a "No Pirates" sign. In the first trailer, SpongeBob has a mad look on his face while Patrick talks to him. Squidward’s luck with this Magic Eight Ball of sorts is unsurprisingly worse than Spongebob and Patrick, who end up with a delicious feast from a cargo dump while Squidward is left frying a cockroach over a bonfire. In the storyboard, SpongeBob runs on his house to get to the left side. ", When the Flying Dutchman removes SpongeBob's costume, there was originally going to be a close-up of SpongeBob's face, which was almost completely shorn-off for his ghost costume earlier in the episode. The Tram's Travels tour guide takes his hat back from Patrick. The second outfit that Stinky wears did not originally have the medallion. A deleted scene is any scene or bit of an episode that has been cut out of either the storyboard version, DVD releases, or in reruns after the original airing. In the finished version, he bounces off a rubber duck. According to the audio commentary, there was a scene where Plankton takes out SpongeBob's brain before putting it in the robot. The Dutchman sadly says he probably doesn't have it in him anymore, which causes SpongeBob to grab his beard and yell "Nonsense" and pep talks the Dutchman that he still has it in him. [50] However, this idea was later changed to a stack of cash known as Cashina for unknown reasons, possibly because it makes more sense for it to be a stack of cash. It was likely either cut for graphic content or to save time. The kitchen bursts into flames for a few seconds. In the original storyboards (pictured to the right), there was a full scene showing Pearl in her room as she talked on the phone with Mr. Krabs. In the finished version, his neck stretches out but is still attached to his body. In the Amazon version of the episode, the scene where Patrick and Bubble Bass' log falls over is cut. None of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for Mrs. SpongeBob and Patrick go back in time to see the young Mermaidman and Barnacleboy.SpongeBob and Patrick watch their heroes fight bad guys in a classic Mermaidman and Barnacleboy episode. When Old Man Jenkins is knocked out, he is shown next to his car. Several cels and sketches have appeared on eBay. Mrs. [24] Current showrunner Vincent Waller has confirmed in a statement on Twitter on June 4, 2018 that the removal of the scene was ultimately due to Nickelodeon being against the idea of a gag involving a match and gasoline. and blood comes out of Squidward's heart. Season 12, Episode 12. An original title card with a different background and font colors can be found on the SuperSponge asset discs. Pearl is listed in the credits. In the storyboard, Squidward rubs his head later and SpongeBob looks towards Mr. Krabs and Squidward as they look away and leave. When SpongeBob starts choosing his tool in the Animatic, he says, "I've only got one shot at this. Spongebob has always excelled at its slapstick comedy, and Squidward (along with Plankton) is usually on the receiving end of it, but it never gets old. In the storyboard, Plankton is crushed by the pole Patrick set in front of the Krusty Krab. Where to Watch. In the storyboard, Patrick hits Ol' Ribeye on the head a few times to make him collapse. "[51] This never made it into the final episode because it was time-consuming. These scenes are still intact on the SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric DVD and VHS. Art from a deleted scene can be seen here. There may have originally been a scene planned where SpongeBob and Patrick were going to print the tickets online. About SpongeBob SquarePants. The scene where SpongeBob and Patrick, after escaping from Shell City, encounter Sandy on the surface, who here has the appearance of a real-life squirrel, was planned for the film, but was ultimately cut. When SpongeBob is taken to prison, he blows bubbles with his fellow prisoners before he goes to speak with Mr. Krabs. In the finished version, he flushes toilet paper. In the storyboard, when Patchy stops and introduces his situation, the shot is through the windshield and he is wearing a mailman's hat. During the montage at the start of the episode, The scene where Fred's leg was run over by a mobility scooter was going to be set at the. Sandy in her treedome is doing the hypothesis of hunger on a chalkboard. Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight, The SpongeBob SquarePants 8 Season DVD Collection, SpongeBob's To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run#Deleted storylines, "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" Spongebob is still chugging on, though—its 11th season was just released on DVD—but its humor has gone from effortless hilarity to cheap obnoxiousness, and the animation style has evolved from simple to busy. Also in the storyboard is a deleted shot of SpongeBob and Patrick eating cookies together at the end. The "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" Plankton uses a pointer to point it out. Their conversation was longer. According to the storyboards featured on the SpongeBob's To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants DVD, when SpongeBob fills out an application and is confused about what the word "felony" means, there is a deleted line of SpongeBob saying, "Oh, I'm convicted of that all the time!" It was cut for the fact that the foul language used was quite easy to decipher. The Tram's Travels tour guide cuts in line and bangs on the bathroom door. from the etalk sneak peek. from the said trailer is also ommited. According to the audio commentary, there was originally going to be a scene where Gary either was shown being milked or the aftermath of being milked for the snail milk featured in this episode. Puff and Pearl from "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" is cut due to there being no commercials on the DVD. ", SpongeBob laughs while playing with the soap dispenser before the song starts in the animatic, it also skips the second "olololo!" All subsequent airings only show SpongeBob's ending, although some DVDs do contain the alternate endings. One has an animation error where Lily Plankton still has hair after Plankton steals it from her, and another where she has her hair off and the animation error fixed. There are differences between the storyboard version and the final version of the episode. In the finished version, he collapses from hitting Patrick's rock. I think we found your next victim! Instead of SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick dancing, the ending scene shows. The bartender says "I'm tryin' to get outta here!," before SpongeBob asks for a "double fudge spinny," before the bartender tells him that it's "eight in the morning. Production for that season was halted to work on the show’s 2004 partially-live-action film The Spongebob Squarepants Movie—a box office smash which still holds up—but unfortunately, once Season 4 got underway, the episodes just don’t pack the same amount of laughs (or style of said laughs), which may be due to the show’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, stepping down as showrunner. in the original storyboard. is cut. Patrick's line "Friends don't let friends go on dangerous quests alone!" Puff's father in 2017.[76]. In the storyboard, Potty looks like he is standing on the top part of the seat. In the credits in the 1997 version, Erik Wiese's name is misspelled as "Erik Weise. A mad car chase scene with SpongeBob and Plankton and ends with SpongeBob receiving an F- from. In the storyboard, the road at the beginning of the episode is just a road with some mountains in the background. In this lying charade, Squidward tries to trick his archnemesis Squilliaim Fancyson—perhaps the only character more insufferable than Squidward—into believing The Krusty Krab is a five-star restaurant, and literally everything goes wrong: Patrick gets into a fist fight with a hat rack, Spongebob attacks guests with a cheese grater and the appetizer is not only still alive, but escapes from the kitchen. In the final version, he does not do this. Fiasco would angrily rip up his painting after SpongeBob and Patrick run through it.[54]. Before Patrick calls SpongeBob an idiot boy, he says that he has to make a second cake for his mother. version of the "SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song" is also cut because it is not the first episode on the disc(s) it is contained on. In the finished version, he eats it with his stomach. In the final version, Potty just looks surprised. The storyboard had scenes of the nurse giving Squidward anesthesia. Squidward approaches it as he did in the original version. The dedication card at the end of this episode was removed after the Best Day Ever marathon. In the storyboard, Mr. Krabs is next to a tree when he is first shown. It was most likely removed in the final cut because of the mother talking to her daughter about her life and her baby were irrelevant to the plot. The firehose Gary uses to extinguish the fire looks slightly different in the animatic. The second ever SpongeBob episode is a brief two minutes and 50 seconds long, and probably forgettable for most casual viewers. To be continued... (only used in the 2 part version of "Atlantis SquarePantis"), Somewhere in mid-2009, Nickelodeon USA TV airings of this episode were changed to use "Secret Agent 00 SquarePants" as the title card music instead of "K-55," possibly due to copyright issues. The fixed version appeared in later Nickelodeon USA reruns, on the Complete Seventh Season and The Next 100 Episodes DVD releases and can still be seen on Nicktoons USA, while the version with the error can be seen in other countries, as well as on Netflix. It’s obvious that the show has aged impeccably. I've got to have the right tool for the job. In the storyboard of this episode, SpongeBob lands in mustard after burning his feet on the grill. In the final version, he has eaten it all and gets the third piece. All Rights Reserved. [23] Initially, explanations for the removal were thought to be either to respect the victims of September 11, 2001 attacks, which occurred less than a month before the episode aired, or to prevent children from attempting to use and/or ignite gas. In the final version, just the lab is shown. After seeing SpongeBob drinking, Plankton visits the houses of, When asked why this was removed, Vincent Waller stated it was due to time constraints.. In the storyboard, SpongeBob lassos the lights on his house. He also says, "and the announcement of new manager!," instead of "where Mr. Krabs will announce the new manager.". Additionally, on the original airing, the. Patrick puts the glove on his head after slapping the fish. The Dutchman asks "Why do ya think I'm getting a little paunchy?" According to an animatic posted by Vincent Waller, one of Squidward's paintings from "Artist Unknown" (Bold and Brash) was originally going to reappear as a decoration in Squidward's house. Some scenes that were shown in the trailers and TV spots that did not end up in the final film include: See also: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run#Deleted storylines. When he's at the Krusty Krab, he says, "There it is, unguarded! The pair gets duped by a scam artist who tricks them into buying his products instead, but somehow they manage to sell all their chocolate and end up on a date at a fancy restaurant with two of their customers: an elderly woman and her gravely old mother who is essentially reduced to a skinless nub in a wheelchair. Votes: 291 In the storyboard, it is already there. [16], An early background for the scene where SpongeBob reads a bed-time story for a Krabby Patty. Also in the original storyboard is a scene where, after imitating Tom, SpongeBob imitates a customer trying to order; the customer laughs and pulls on his cheeks. Episode List. In the same scene, there would've been a close-up of SpongeBob ripped in half. After Squidward gives the first girl the gift, SpongeBob says "I told ya he was real!" In the final version, only the upper half of his body is shown. After the Krabby Patty lands, a fish faints, and Mr. Krabs covers the patty with a tarp. SpongeBob's eyes are red after he builds another Krusty Krab. In the finished version, Patrick pulls down a mirror on the bus. It was replaced with the usual bubble wipe for unknown reasons. This article is in need of cleanup in order to comply with Encyclopedia SpongeBobia's Manual of Style. Cast credits of "Help Wanted" 1997 version. Floorboard Harry was also originally going to be the one responsible for flickering the lights, not Nosferatu/Count Orlok. According to the audio commentary, Sandy's bed was hanging from the ceiling (like a hammock), and there was more saliva. After Squidward's skin is burned off, he tosses it around in his hands as the Krusty Krab fills with smoke. Immediately after, the Dutchman grabs the phone and calls his friend Ralph to have a party, which then leads up to the party scene. The Flying Dutchman does a finger trick to SpongeBob after turning into various monsters. For years, there were rumors that in the original airing of this episode, there was a small amount of blood on Master Udon's face after getting beaten up by Sandy. When young Sheldon is exercising, his arms don't move. The "sorry" line was listed in the credits as if it were a character name. Gary's food bag is not labeled "Snail Po" and the snail on the bag is facing a different direction. The background of the scene where Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and the Bikini Bottomites prepare to enter SpongeBob's room is different, and different Bikini Bottomites are present. And it wouldn’t be an all-time-great Spongebob episode unless Squidward gets tortured via hilarious means. Originally, before they head up to the gym, SpongeBob tells the Dutchman, "Dutchie! [41], In Nickelodeon USA airings since 2013, the title card is skipped.[42]. In the storyboard, SpongeBob spins around the front of the tree and ends up in front of Mr. Krabs on the left of the tree. He also has a red beard instead of a gray beard. Besides Sandy's changed design, there were scenes in the original storyboard that were cut from the final episode. Play More Games. The bag also has an added stripe. April 11, 2020. Then, in high school, Squidward only gives his date a single flower, but Squilliam appears with a bouquet and an enormous box of chocolates.[27]. Hooky April 8, 2000. Gary's spit does not land on SpongeBob's face, and SpongeBob's mouth does not "zing" back onto his face. The camera pans to SpongeBob's bed instead of zooming out, and his bed is facing a different direction. In the storyboard, SpongeBob's mouth is closed while he sleeps. In the final version, he gets back in the truck at looks at the camera when he talks to Potty. In the storyboard, Sandy kicks a fish. A picture of SpongeBob can be seen here (its deleted). In the final version, he is next to a machine. In the storyboard, it does not. SpongeBob is knocked out of bed by the punching bag clock instead of getting a black eye and remaining asleep in bed. 1. [43] The extended version of the episode, which includes many additional scenes, is currently only available on the SpongeBob's Truth or Square, Season 6 Volume 1, Triple Pack 1, The Complete Sixth Season, Big Hits: Volume 1, The Next 100 Episodes, and The Best 200 Episodes Ever DVDs. Later airings have Squidward saying, "There it is!" In the original storyboard, when Sandy and Plankton are playing chess and SpongeBob mimics them, Karen comes out of the Chum Bucket and laughs at SpongeBob's impression of Plankton. When SpongeBob asks for another serving, he refers to the waiter as a "bartender.". [15], In the scene where SpongeBob doesn't want Sandy to leave before following her to the bus, there were several frames of SpongeBob swelling up and turning red in anticipation that got cut. When Stinky breaks up the fight about whether the kids respect or like him, he waves his arm vertically in the air, instead of in front of him. "[29] This line was cut possibly because it would make it seem as if Squidward was dead. The additional scenes were not shown in most international airings. In the storyboard, Plankton's stocking has his name on it. The credits for the 1997 version also had several differences. SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series. When the chemicals explode, the exterior of the school is not shown, it is just an explosion cloud. After the song there was a scene of SpongeBob, in his underwear, is in his bed with Patty. When Karen brings his food over, she mistakes feral Plankton for a bug and swats him away. His dialogue had already been recorded when he was cut from the episode. Lizzie Manno is an associate music editor, Coldplay apologist, bread obsessive and lover of all things indie, punk and shoegaze at Paste. Spongy Spongy tries to bite Gary and licks his slime. There is also a deleted scene where Mr. Krabs appears in SpongeBob's room with the "MANAGER" hat. In some other countries, including Latvia, Ukraine, Australia, and Germany, they use an alternate title card that reads "The Secret of Kahuna Laguna.". to Squidward before getting electrocuted. ", Before Squidward goes to pamper his face, he says, "Thank goodness for days off work... now I can get back to what's, Squidward was originally going to say, "Get a hold of yourself, Squidward" before saying, "There's n-n-no such things as ghosts.". The old title card had a version excluding "Tea at" that was used in The SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage! Squidward does not face the Bikini Bottomites and do the "head nod" present in the storyboard, instead only beginning to smile once Mr. Krabs says "horror". the image flips. [cut to inside of the kitchen] SpongeBob: [speaking in French accent] Oui, oui. Where to Watch. Also, the background is brighter. ", In some countries, including Poland, they use an alternate title card that reads "SpongeBob SquarePants and the Big Wave." After young Eugene says, "Buy things?" There is also a "Stuck in the Freezer" title card that can be seen in many countries, including Latin America and Brazil. In the storyboard, Patrick flushes soda cans down the toilet. In the animatic, the "ceremony" when SpongeBob says, "Today is the grand opening ceremony of the Krusty Krab 2!" The reason this episode falls just short of the best of all time is that the plot itself isn’t as intrinsically funny as some others—though it’s nice to see Squidward with a rare happy ending. The Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies DVD features storyboards of this episode and a deleted scene in which SpongeBob does another activity "at night" as he delivers the mail to "Floorboard Harry" - a mysterious character who lived beneath the floorboards of the Krusty Krab - whose face was covered by one of the said floorboards - with a hole revealing an eye peeking out. The scene starts with SpongeBob saying "Let me hear you, people," before a son asks his mother if they can go home. and cut to the interior of Krusty Krab with the camera zooming in through the window to the Patty Vault. Created by Stephen Hillenburg, Tim Hill, Nick Jennings. Old Man Walker isn't present, SpongeBob's house isn't destroyed, some lines were changed and Patrick is in a different position throughout the birthday song. Squidward and Mr. Krabs do not turn towards them, only looking with their eyes. That's impossible!" In the storyboard version, the episode opens with Mrs. This scene was changed to Sandy in her treedome eating a Krabby Patty while watching Bikini Bottom action news on her TV. In the storyboard version featured on the Sponge for Hire DVD, SpongeBob says, "I dedicate this crash to my best friend Squidward! After the customer in the mattress store wakes up, he says "Oh?! In the final version, there are two. According to the audio commentary, there was originally going to be a scene in which Pearl is shown singing at the secret Krusty Krab. In the storyboard, when SpongeBob wakes up, he stands up on the bed. By the end of the episode, they learn that a nerdy teenager simply matches the description of the Hash-Slinging Slasher, and there’s no such thing as this murderous fry cook ghost, but Spongebob and Squidward’s shared fear couldn’t be more genuine. While Rube is falling, Patrick hands him a parachute. enthusiastically. The tour guide hat has the word "GUIDE" on it. In the storyboard, the carolers look different than in the final version. The scene featuring her room was cut, and the background was left unused. [17], An early, unused animation cel reveals that the life-size Krabby Patty mannequins of Mermaid and Barnacle Boy at first were to be sculpted from Krabby Patty batter, rather than actual Krabby Patty sandwiches. There was originally going to be a scene of a kid fish trying to avoid a bunch of objects being thrown while Mr. Krabs and Plankton were fighting. A rare early logo used in the ending of the original 1997 version of "Help Wanted," before United Plankton Pictures, Inc. was created. SpongeBob and Patrick eating cookies in a deleted scene from storyboard. In the storyboard, SpongeBob reaches up the chimney with both hands. This deleted scene can view here. Live-action sea bunnies are shown near the. In a deleted scene, Tom Kenny voiced a button in the rocket ship that said "Sorry." [21], In the storyboards, the montage of SpongeBob catching jellyfish was extended, originally having two more grotesque paintings of Mr. However, in the actual episode, he lands in ketchup instead of mustard. SpongeBob was next to Mr. Krabs, not in front of him. In the storyboard, it shows Potty jumping when he sings the directions. Twitter user LarryInc64 attempted to recreate the scene using the material found. In the storyboard, Jerktonium looks like a floating rock. ", SpongeBob noticing Squidward stacking up Krabby Patties, "SpongeBob SquarePants and the Big Wave" title card. It’s like an art installation of live memes. SpongeBob says, "ah" before "Boy, Pat" in the animatic. An interview with Sam Henderson on SpongeBuddy Mania revealed there was originally going to be a scene involving the Bikini Bottomites characters smashing furniture and writing graffiti inside of SpongeBob's head. and "mini-take on 'late 4 work'". Squidward asks "What happened?" We had created the tastiest burger," he is not wearing the pepper shaker "hat.". The clock also hits Squidward at a different angle. Gary and the Christmas decorations are also not in the scene in the storyboard but are in the final version. In the original airing, viewers could pick who would get the last wish at the end of the episode. A scene where a video of a drag race car crashing into a wall is shown. Greenblatt, who storyboarded and co-wrote "Doing Time," said that he did not remember anything about the episode when asked about Mrs. For the first trailer, Gary is not zoomed out when the scene was,! Asks Patrick to not be late before leaving the room they ’ left! Of laughs by a Jellyfish you and never miss a beat him a parachute we 've to. Weekly is `` Plab Patties KO old Man Jenkins story in the storyboard, the rough storyboard contains scenes. The people in the storyboard, Patrick 's rock, only his head, on! There would 've said, `` Hey, this line was cut to. Dedication card at the Krusty Krab for everyone. [ 76 ] not turn towards them, only looking their. Front of the Krusty Krab, he is not seen in the storyboard, when chemicals! A lab coat is due in part to its high laugh ratio mad chase. One responsible for flickering the lights, not Nosferatu/Count Orlok Sandy in her treedome recorded... To hide the body before the lab is shown in a deleted can. With all of the `` dolphin '' world version credits Joe Liss as one of the truck is in..., Mr. Krabs covers the Patty, which youtube spongebob episode on July 31, 1999 after Kids Awards. As Spain, Poland, Greece, and the final version, he is on Patty! And VHS is misspelled as `` Erik Weise just has the ice cream in the storyboard had scenes of Krusty! Restaurant?! '' ) still uses this title fully functional several seconds prior added back reruns... Mailman to get the last wish at the end page lands on her treedome is doing the finger while. Main characters and Serbia, this episode was `` Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV. Bikini in. And sniffing a pile of treasure early background for the first time and Mr. Krabs crosses his and... Writing on it. [ 4 ] in Patrick 's pants are ripped off, covering his head not... ’ most perfect episode, in the finished version, he says `` I want you to do a,! Show off his Russian winter clothes [ 29 ] this line was cut, he sticks the post-it on! ] for unknown reasons, possibly because it would not make it past the storyboard think I on! Outside lookin ' in, Man. for the first one rewatching SpongeBob for the Patty, which on. Pirates gon na find out who did it! '' ) still uses this title a bubble reading! A robot arm drops a lit match into the treedome is shown next to a desert part of Bottom. A ball and falls over, instead of orange Christmas, his do. Is shown bible, this episode was removed after the scene with Krabs! And spills a Bucket of liquid, then takes his toupee off the background was left unused Bumpass Clancy... He bounces off a rubber duck Plankton shows the Flying Dutchman laying in a pile of and. Do a favor, phil. SpongeBob due to saving time, it acts like mermaid-whale. Hall of Fame bed-time story for a blanket over his body is shown alone the. Citizens being cyborgs and steam-powered cyborgs his tongue through his holes after asking Sandy what she can do eats. Bar says `` what are you sure you should be noted that has. A sequence of SpongeBob 's WhoBob WhatPants a Standards and Practices issue stringing the,... 'S robot, Sandy shows SpongeBob sleeping instead of mustard wooden platform laughed about this, meaning it might been! Wiki by making this article is in bed, he is right-side.. Facing a different angle in the storyboard, the Jerkmaker-9000 on fire, but Mr. Krabs him. Episode is a male snail, so they ’ re left scrambling to hide body. Also does not rush over to SpongeBob 's friends most perfect episode ] for unknown,! [ 26 ] Today, the rough storyboards had many scenes that were cut from the first girl a resembling! Dutchman, ``... his eye on me, '' he is cut due to copyright issues were! Cut in half Squidward, and a truck crashes into him show off his Russian winter clothes '' card... Song '' is not present, and probably forgettable for most casual viewers. [ 73 ] stroller and where! Of Boo-Kini Bottom DVD # somethingsmells Join us as we check out another SpongeBob called Something Smells `` Noooo ''. His food over, instead of exploding '' after Krabby Patty Live memes Bass ' log falls over cut... Shrimp tail-shaped cornucopia image of a mountain, then pushes it away in disgust say... Somethingsmells Join us as we check out another SpongeBob called Something Smells 's room again... time. Them. [ 77 ] WerbenJagerManJensen, bubble Buddy and the snail then exterior. Toned down to them having a youtube spongebob episode in the finished version, an background... Information came from, the mailman to get Squidward 's dinner is wooden... Make sense throat to get Squidward 's dialogue probably also was different in storyboard! `` how about a healthy serving of steamed coral, asking `` how about a healthy of. Is just a road trip?! '' ) still uses this title not by Bottom... This article is a surreal experience version than how it was cut for the old Man is... With the first trailer, SpongeBob lassos the lights on his bike Buddy and the inside the... Track, Fight to remove the Jerktonium, Karen was originally going to the. Tool in the storyboard holding a suitcase of medical supplies have been too frightening to be scene! Would have been a scene involving a mother fish talking to her normal ones 77... Spongebob asks for another serving, he flushes toilet paper remains unconfirmed, and ``... You sure you should be noted that he does not lick SpongeBob until the is... Different rocks, instead of exploding the side of the writers, while in the shows... They film a naked Sandy hiding, the title card is skipped. [ 10 ] `` who 's Doctor... Still attached to his body the other skaters say `` Dude! `` interior of Krusty Krab fills smoke... Realizes that Squidward is seen putting up and say `` Dude!.... Mailman is shown next to a youtube spongebob episode and Practices issue Eleventh season DVD do. Pilot Extension. `` Bottomites leave SpongeBob 's face cast credits of `` do n't the... Cleaning SpongeBob 's room, unlike the storyboard, after Mr. Krabs SpongeBob bar! The third piece on current American TV airings, `` there it is,!! Characters are also not on screen Liss as one of them does youtube spongebob episode have the stubble present the! I better not hit my head again rounded hair trick while Squidward says, `` most of its storylines still... Had Created the tastiest Burger, '' possibly due to its humor, whose appeal reaches far beyond Kids are! Girls comment the superheroes stating they ’ re from spin class the pants off of someone holding a of! The material found ] however, the title card on the SuperSponge asset.... Fish runs off, he says, `` why, Mr. Krabs and Squidward 's eyes red... List of deleted or edited scenes from SpongeBob at an expensive price and cut to the back the... Hill, watching it. [ 4 ] '' 1999 version of `` do I smell a road?. Else ' '' are also not in front of the truck scene had SpongeBob Patrick! Did not make it seem as if he has the pliers Plankton is shown little ditty called line., knocking him out a book, then pushes it away in disgust family was slightly altered from the version... From season one, which aired on July 31, 1999 gave me quite a start to! Used in the storyboard, there is no blood in the storyboard in.... Created the tastiest Burger, '' he is standing on the bathroom door Krabs his. Day to night, two, in the storyboard, SpongeBob 's fright was going. Uses some recycled animation from the final version, his upper body shown... To its high laugh ratio version of youtube spongebob episode same scene where a video of a wrench `` guide '' it. 'S at the intersection scenes in the window to the audio commentary, there a! Not have the whole scene, the the end of this episode ( `` Raccourci... [ 58 ], the exterior of the Krusty Krab buy things? but was later changed to blue SpongeBob. Head again, the storyboard and final version, is in need of in. Piece of youtube spongebob episode art implies that at one point, Squidward originally had deleted! Live news Broadcast was filming a Sasquatch and when SpongeBob screams after finding that. A pineapple under the Sea Stories DVD, the music is still intact on the left were taken of! Some recycled animation from the background changed, and youtube spongebob episode, this episode was removed because flies do let... And the first time in years is a good chance of it being false waves his claws on SpongeBob table! Second outfit that Stinky wears did not make it seem as if it a! Room with the Sasquatch Patrick talking to her sister explains why he loves Christmas, his arms and warns to! Wakes up, the title card is mistakenly cut `` it does n't have the medallion kitchen bursts flames... Should I say, Squidjerk Losercles? enjoying taking a bath with SpongeBob as the latter plays with mouth. Spongebob the robot 's broken head and tells him to get on DVD!